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Trailer for “Hang Up” – A Payphone Documentary

Tuesday, October 7, 2014 0 5

Earlier this year John Porter (of East Harlem Unity Communications) and I appeared in “Hang Up” – a payphone documentary directed by French film maker Ugo Massa. The short film premiered at “The Auditorium” on May 27, opening the “Truth Be Told Festival” at The New School. The film is not yet available to the public but its trailer was recently released. I admit to my lack of impartiality toward this film. Having contributed so many hours to its creation I can’t help but stand behind it. Still, watching this trailer with some modicum of objectivity reminds me of what beautiful work Mr. Massa did, and how elegantly he treated the rugged (even coarse) subject matter. Click to watch the 41-second trailer for “Hang Up”:

Hang Up – Trailer from Hugo Massa on Vimeo.