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Is there a complete list of payphone numbers and locations?
Updated: October 06, 2004


Is there a complete list of payphone numbers and locations?
Where can I find a directory of all payphone numbers and locations?


The short answers to these question are "no" and "nowhere."

This website contains a database of about a half-million payphone numbers, but by no means is it a comprehensive listing of all public phones. For more information about the database please read my comments on the payphone number lookup page.

In a May 13, 2004, New York Times article about this web site, a Verizon spokesperson said that by law the phone companies are not required to issue compiled lists of public phone numbers. Phone companies are required to print the number of each pay phone on the front of each phone, but as for releasing the databases of public phone numbers Verizon's only known public statement is "Like most phone companies, we don't see there being any advantage in making this information public."

I myself have asked this question of others within the payphone business. The most common response is that payphone operators see no perceived value in publishing this information. Furthermore, the deregulated state of the payphone business could make such a list difficult to maintain.

I believe there is legitimate value in making this information public, and little merit in keeping it confidential. For more of my thoughts on the value of this web site, and why it has continued to exist, please read the Frequently Asked Question, or read the above-mentioned New York Times article.





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