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Payphone Location Information
Number: (816) 363-9723
Description: DAVID M SHIPMAN
Address: 19005 W 159
City/State: OLATHE, KS
Zip Code: 25062

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A majority of payphone locations listed on The Payphone Project no longer exist. This collection of payphone numbers and locations is kept online for historical purposes. You might be surprised by how often I field requests or get web traffic from people who, for one reason or another, need to confirm whether or not a payphone once existed at a certain place. A recent example (2014) of this occurred when a producer of the "Serial" podcast contacted me to evaluate what came to be known as "The Mysterious Best Buy Payphone". Another take on the subject can be found at Who Still Uses Payphones, And Why? Information on these pages was collected from various sources, including law enforcement, private investigators, and numerous individuals who sent in their collections of payphone numbers and locations. Phone numbers on these pages are believed to either be or to have been at one time those of public telephones (payphones) in the United States. This information is provided as is in the hope that it will be useful in determining exact or approximate locations, past or present, of payphones in the United States.

If you have SKYPE Internet phone on your computer, you should be able to click on the payphone numbers to try and call them. Most payphones are disconnected or reject incoming calls, but have fun trying!


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