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Ohio (330)
by Area Code: 216-330-419-440-614-937
Portage Lakes Career Center
Green, Ohio                            (330) 896 9959
                                      Added by Mikal and Dustin

This phone is in the 
hallway of Crappley 
(Copley) High School, 
and doesn't ever seem 
to work right. 
Owned by GTE.                          (330) 666-9842

Located at 
Ellet Eastgate Plaza 
located in the 
Heart of Akron.                        (330) 784-7811
		This phone was once used 
		by Michael Jordan after 
		eating supper at the
		near by famous Mike B's 
		  Family restaurant.
                                      Added by One Touch Payphones

in parking lot 
of a doughnut shop                     (330) 832-0450
                                      Added by moondoggy

located at a carwash 
off main road. 
kids gather there on weekends.         (330) 477-0957
                                      Added by moondoggy

Lunchroom at FILMCO Ind. Inc
1450 S Chillecothe Rd
Aurora                                 (330) 562-7700
Sometimes people spend more time 
on this phone than at work.

break room at united vanlines
n.canton,ohio                          (330) 966-2517
                                        Added by dirtydoug

Dunkin donuts on Arlington Road        (330) 724-7481
Payphone is lit up at night and 
is frequently used by night shift cops.

Willies Food Mart                      (330) 330-434-0737
This phone is next to a half way house

Pay phone located inside the 
'Town Pump' in Lakemore, Ohio          (330) 784-0303

Hallway of Kenmore Senior Center       (330) 745-0457

Lobby of the James A. 
Rhodes Arena on the 
campus of The University 
of Akron                               (330) 384-0607

Inside entrance of 
McKinley Memorial 
Library on Main 
Street in Niles Ohio.                  (330) 652-6067

University of Akron
lobby of the 
Gardner Student Center                 (330) 384-0632

University of Akron
lobby of the 
Gardner Student Center                 (330) 384-0259

Carroll Hall
University of Akron                    (330) 384-0250

Memorial Hall
University of Akron                    (330) 384-0612

Kolbe Hall
University of Akron                    (330) 535-3756

Bierce Library @ 
The University of Akron                (330) 348-0661

Bierce Library
University of Akron                    (330) 253-0044

Bierce Library
University of Akron                    (330) 253-0361

Bierce Library
University of Akron                    (330) 384-0261

Bierce Library
University of Akron                    (330) 253-0120

In the hallway at 
Chippewa High School.                  (330) 658-9850

Akron, Oh 
craziest niteclub 
located in the 
Highland Square area                   (330) 384-0513

This Phone number is the
payphone in the IGA store in
Bolivar. This area is known as
Wilkshire Hills                        (330) 874-9785
                                       Added by Albert V. Kollar

outside tally ho in canton,Oh          (330) 477-0888

in beldan mall in canton ohio          (330) 499-9970

west side post office 
warren ohio 44485                      (330) 392-5216

steves town tavern 
warren,ohio 44483                      (330) 394-9141

This is the telephone number at 
Kent State University, 
Tuscarawas Campus and is located 
at the Student Union and Bookstore.    (330) 339-9919
                                       Added by Albert V. Kollar

Payphone at New Towne Mall in 
New Philadelphia and is located 
beside Damon's                         (330) 339-9910
                                       Added by Albert V. Kollar

New Philadelphia                       (330) 339-9996

This payphone is located in
Sugarcreek, Ohio----not only
the home of the Swiss Festival,
but also the home to the
largest Amish population
in the world!!!                        (330) 852-4629

U.S. Post Office -
Canton, OH Metro Area Main Office
Cleveland Ave. and 25th St. NW
Inside on wall by
ZIP Code Directories                   (330) 454-0404

BOB EVANS restaurant
Austintown Twp, at the 
I-76/SR46 Niles exit                   (330) 652-8799

Outside the administration building
at Camp Manatoc, A Boy Scout camp.     (330) 657-9901

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