the payphone project

This page is from the old version of the Payphone Project. These pages are no longer updated or actively maintained. Update 8.6.2007: You can now browse through the database of about 750,000 payphone numbers.

Pennsylvania (USA)
by Area Code: 215-412-610-717-724-814
Outside a Burger King 
on S. Front St. in Philadelphia. 
Near Front St.and Oregon Ave.         (215) 334-3819
Goes to "Thank You" message after 4 or 5 rings

In building A at Unisys Corporation 
Worldwide Headquaters in Blue Bell, 
PA.  Just outside of the USA Federal 
Credit Union offices.  As far as I 
know, the only payphone in 
the building.                         (215) 646-9634
                                       Added by Eric Sliwinski

Entrance of LaSalle University's 
Student Union Building - In front 
of the Dan Rodden theater.  This 
payphone is in a bank of payphones 
next to some vending machine 
(2 Coke Machines, 
 1 Fruitopia Machine).                 (215) 844-9251

		LaSalle is located in a pretty tough 
		neighborhood in North Philly, but the 
		students are nice (many live in "the 
		townhouses" on campus so feel free to 
		ask about them.  Nearby in the student 
		union building are the Backstage Night 
		Club, Intermissions (restaurant), the 
		Food Court, etc.  There is also a 
		barber shop in the building.  If 
		anyone answers, ask them about the 
		barber.  Better yet, ask if he's around. 
		You're sure to get some interesting 
		stories about that guy.  He's been 
		clipping hair on campus for years and years.

Southwest corner of 
Broad & Girard. This 
is the PPH on the 
left of two.                           (215) 978-9578
                                       Added by Comcenter Communications

in the lobby of the CDNOW, Inc
(the internet music store) 
World Headquarters located 
in Jenkintown, PA.                     (215) 576-9524

Hilltown park
Population: DECLINING                  (215) 822-9905

main lobby,Moore Products CO. 
Spring House,Pa.                       (215) 646-9935

Corner of Butler and Aramingo          (215) 535-9262
A police officer used to call me from this phone when he got a chance to.

Outside Point Pleasant 
Village Store/Deli, 
Route 32, 
North of New Hope                      (215) 297-9826

Park & Ride Lot. Near Yardley, Pa.
Woodside Rd & Taylorsville Rd
(First I-95 Exit in Penna. from NJ)    (215) 493-9978

Inside the Springfield 
Middle School 
(Enfield Middle School) 
by the cafeteria and 
gym hallway. In Erdenheim.             (215) 233-9919
                                       Added by nMe

Franklin Institute Science 
Museum, near the Mother
Earth Store                            (215) 629-9144

the loading platform
outside Mount Saint
Joseph Academy in
Flourtown, PA                          (215) 233-9879
                                       Added by chrissy

Right inside 
Seneca Valley 
Senior High School 
where the band nerds 
hang out.                              (215) 452-9054
                                       Added by rh

Philadelphia City Hall;
Second Floor outside of
Court Room 254 and
Chambers of the Honorable
Frank X. O'Brien of the
Court of Common Pleas. Of
interest to phone-fans, all
pay-phones in City Hall are
in beautiful "Ma Bell" blue
plexiglaass boothes so you
can confer with your
counsel in privacy.                    (215) 854-9820

Philadelphia Int'l Airport - 
US Airways departures                  (215) 365-9350

Philadelphia Int'l Airport - 
United Airlines departures             (215) 365-9686

Located outside a Liquor/Grocery 
Store in South Philly                  (215) 747-9191

West Philadelphia,PA                   (215) 871-8491

Pay phone in Tastykake bakery
Phila. Pa.                             (215) 221-9401

Curtis Institute of Music
Philadelphia, PA                       (215) 545-9656

Towers Lobby (University of 
Pittsburgh, main campus) -- 
this is the lobby for 3 dorms 
and is usually full of people.         (412) 682-9214
                                       Added by Gypsy

A solitary payphone, 
also in the Towers Lobby.              (412) 682-8254
                                       Added by Gypsy

Six pay phones on the 
ground floor of the 
Cathedral of Learning -- 
University of Pittsburgh, 
Oakland campus.                        (412) 682-8786
                                       Added by Gypsy

It is in a Catholic School 
right beside the gym.  
Normally there is a basket 
ball game going on so little 
kids are around it.  They 
normally pick the phone up.            (412) 367-9586
		If you call ask who is winning the 
		basketball game and if the person 
		does not know say that Greg Miller 
		told you to call to ask.

                                       Added by Kapppa30

Parking lot directly pass 
the South Park ice skating rink.       (412) 835-9911
		There are 2 pay phones in this 
		parking lot at South Park.  

		They are "stay in your car 
		drive up to", on Corrigan Road
		directly after getting off Route #88.

Payphone in lobby of 
St. Thomas a Becket Church, 
in Jefferson Borough.                  (412) 655-9966
		Theres nothing really 
		interesting, i saw the 
		number on it and 
		called it.  
		It was cool because a 
		nun picked up and I said, 
		"Satan Rules" and she flipped
                                       Added by AnOlAgHaIe

One of two payphones in 
the lobby of the 
Centre City Tower office 
building in downtown Pgh.              (412) 566-7580
                                       Added by Penz Fan

Payphone beside pool in 
Zelienople Community Park.             (412) 452-9939
                                       Added by RH

Payphone across 
street from Heinz Hall                 (412) 566-9848
                                       Added by Spidr

University of Pittsburgh campus, 
in Langley Hall, 2nd booth across 
from library entrance next to 
Men's room.                            (412) 682-8309
                                       Added by Spidr

Corner of 11th and 
Merchant Streets near 
the Post Office.  
Ambridge,  PA                          (412) 266-9798
                                       Added by Spidr

Payphone next to 
GoodTime Bar at 
Millvale Bus Loop 
and DeMore's Pizza.
Millvale,  PA                          (412) 821-4819
                                       Added by Spidr

3rd Ave. at 6 PPG Place
Pittsburgh Pa.                         (412) 566-7820
                                       Added by John G.

3rd Ave. at 6 PPG Place
Pittsburgh, Pa.                        (412) 566-7805
                                       Added by John G.

Stanwix St. at Bell Atlantic Bldg.
Pittsburgh, Pa.                        (412) 566-8137
                                       Added by John G.

Stanwix St. at Bell Atlantic Bldg.
Pittsburgh, Pa.                        (412) 566-8135
                                       Added by John G.

Greentree Road 
Shopping Center 
outside Jenny Craig 
Weight Loss Centre
Greentree Borough, PA                  (412) 561-9497
                                       Added by Big Jake

Greentree Road Shopping Center 
Outside Marshall's Store
Greentree Borough, PA                  (412) 561-9492
                                       Added by Big Jake

Co-Go's convenience store 
on Potomac Ave. 
in Dormont PA                          (412) 561-9676
                                       Added by Little Jake

Co-Go's convenience store 
on Potomac Ave. 
in Dormont, PA                         (412) 561-9292
                                       Added by Little Jake

Front of T.J.Maxx store in 
Great Southern Shopping Center 
near Bridgeville, PA.                  (412) 221-9835
                                       Added by Big Jake

In parking area near 
Bridgeville PA
railroad station.                      (412) 221-9859
                                       Added by Big Jake

Alpha Sigma Phi fraternity house 
on the campus of Westminster College, 
New Wilmington, PA.                    (412) 946-9975

police station on main street 
greensburg, pa, 15601                  (412) 834-9741
                                       Added by gregbarber

2nd payphone in courthouse park 
greensburg, pa 15601                   (412) 834-9697
                                       Added by gregbarber

parking garage on pennsylvania ave. 
near library. greensburg, pa, 15601    (412) 837-9926
                                       Added by gregbarber

sunoco gas station mini mart 
greensburg, pa, 15601                  (412) 834-9745
                                       Added by gregbarber

Outside Southwest Market 
Southwest Greensburg, PA               (412) 838-9403
                                       Added by matthew jennings

Parking Lot :: Corner of 
Main and 3rd Street 
Greensburg, PA                         (412) 834-9784
                                       Added by matthew jennings

Courthouse Square :: 
Westmoreland County Courthouse :: 
Greensburg, PA                         (412) 837-9896
                                       Added by matthew jennings

BP Station :: Pittsburgh 
Street :: Greensburg, PA               (412) 832-9913
                                       Added by matthew jennings

Payphone in Webster Hall 
located in Oakland (Pitt Campus)       (412) 682-8253
                                       Added by Nurgle

Wendys in Waynesburg, Pa <O>           (412) 627-9298
                                       Added by ** Aphrax **

Wendys in Waynesburg, Pa <O>           (412) 627-8353
                                       Added by ** Aphrax **

near a small basketball court.
the location is almost a little
park.                                 (412) 834-3095

Pay phone at the Stroll Inn
Fairhaven Rd.
Kennedy Twp. Ask for Chip             (412) 331-0333

This payphone hangs 
right between a pinball 
machine and a jukebox in 
a bar called The Silver Fox.         (610) 691-6532

Trexler Mall, Trexlertown, PA        (610) 481-9352
		Some sick pup named "Timmy" keeps calling 
		me from different payphones.  When he 
		called me from this one, the location 
		actually came up on my Caller I.D. 
		(instead of just "payphone").  I hope 
		I scared him when I told him where he 
		was calling from. Maybe the police will 
		be able to do something about him now!

Pennsylvania Turnpike
Inside the Camiel Rest Area          (610) 286-0071

wawa food markets
prince fredrick rd. 
king of prussia pa 19406             (610) 768-9811
                                      Added by tricia parker

this phone sits on the 
roadside near a texaco 
station in the very 
small town of Slatedale Pa, 
it is the only 
pay phone in the town.               (610) 767-9934
	When I found this phone 
          there a bunch of kids 
	around 13 years old standing around it , 
	when I walked up closer I noticed they 
	were attemping to test a red box they 
	had made from a Rat Shack tone dialer. 

		they then proceeded to 
		hide the box and 
		act like nothing was 
		going on :) 

          Also for any X-files buffs 
	     this phone is the closest 
	        phone to Lehigh Furnace
               (a location where on of 
		the episodes were based in.
                                      Added by Syzygy

Bartley Cafe at 
Villanova University                 (610) 525-9010

		This payphone sits at the 
		social hub of this rich kids 
		country club college.  Many 
		prissy, stuck up chicks hang 
		out here in between classes
		waiting for Mr. Perfect to come 
		by and propose marriage and a 
		life of care free money wasting.  
		Furthermore, it seems that Villanova 
		screens its applicants to include 
		only the best looking chicks.  So 
		there is a good chance that the person 
		you are calling is a fox.  The bars 
		around the area where these people 
		hang out are Smoke's, The Pub, 
		The Prime Minister, Mallories, Marita's, 
		Kelly's, and Bob's in descending order 
		of coolness. Use these names for 
		conversational purposes. Peek 
		hours are 11Am-3pm  and 9pm-12AM.  
		Villanovans love gossip so feel free 
		to spread some rumors.

These are both located inside 
a Genuardi's supermarket in 
lovely downtown Springfield. 
The store is always full, 
and is open up untill 11'oclock.     (610) 543-9027
                                      Added by Brian

Inside Fairgrounds Square mall - 
Reading, Pa.
Phone is located between the 
security office and Time Out 
arcade...near Golden Eagle 
Comics, and the Movie Theater...
There are many people around on 
Friday and Saturday Nights 
between 6:30 and 9:30
ask for Dunns, 
you might get lucky :-p               (610) 921-9017
                                      Added by carlos

Inside Garden Family Restaurant 
on Rt.61. A pretty cool place to 
hang out...some mall ppl go there 
on fri. and sat. nights after 
mall closes, so any time between 
9:30 and 11:30, there'll be cool 
ppl there...oh yeah, the phone 
doesnt ring, it beeps! :-)            (610) 921-3533
                                      Added by carlos

turkey hill
10th and douglass
reading, pa. 19604                    (610) 373-9215

St. George Greek Orthodox Church
30 East Forge Road
Media, PA 19063                       (610) 459-9902
                                      Added by A. Boubaris

Crossroads Bar - Downingtown, PA      (610) 269-8895

Northeast corner of the 
intersection of Stroh Drive 
and Pennsylvania State Route 100. 
Fogelsville which is suburban 
Allentown. This payphone is 
housed in a booth in the 
parking lot of "Yocco's...the 
king of hot dogs". Yocco is 
Allentownian patois for a 
well-done hot dog, on a steamed 
roll, with mustard, chopped onions, 
and topped with chili sauce. 
The booth has a nice ledge inside 
for writing. This is all half a 
mile south of US Interstate 78. 
Exit 14A. Yocco dogs have been 
shipped to members of the 
Allentownian diaspora on every 
continent including Anartica.         (610) 398-9981

nazareth, pa.                         (610) 759-9912

Easton Pennsylvania outside WAL-MART
in the Nazareth shopping center       (610) 253-7980

Bryn Mawr College,
Bryn Mawr, PA
Computer Center                       (610) 525-9491

On South Street in Philly
Ask for "Scroat"                      (610) 690-xxxx
                                      no longer a payphone 5.15.98

Paws Pet Food Store
Fairview and Macdade Blvd.
Folsom, PA                            (610) 833-9811

Harrisburg, PA
Harrisburg Hilton
Ask if they can validate your 
parking sticker over the phone.       (717) 255-9813

Harrisburg, PA
Gingerbread Man (It's a Bar)
(On the sign it says 
'Spirit Merchant')
Ask for any Boscov's employee 
and ask if they know James.           (717) 564-9963

Hershey Lodge and Convention Center
Ask either of these questions:
Are you from New York?  
(If Yes, ask why they're not 
staying at the hotel)
Is this the 
'Country/Casual Resort?' 	      (717) 520-0581

Rouse Property Management Inc.
100 Senate Ave.
CampHill, PA  17011
(I) first floor, next to 
East side exit doors in 
rear of lobby                         (717) 761-9604
                                        Added by SDH

Contry Pride Restaurant
(O) (just outside 
main entrance doors)
PA SR-39 (Linglestown Rd) 
at I-81 exit 27
Harrisburg, PA  17112                 (717) 652-9841
                                        Added by SDH

Kmart Store (inside main doors)
5050 Jonestown Road
Harrisburg, PA  17112
West of the Colonial Commons 
Shopping Center on RT 22              (717) 6529939
                                        Added by SDH

King's College Boys Dorm 
5th floor                             (717) 829-9960
                                        Added by Tizzaput

Kings College Boys Dorm 
6th floor                             (717) 829-9967
                                        Added by Tizzaput

Fern Ridge campground 
outside bathrooms
Blakeslee PA                          (717) 646-9892

Located outside, right after 
paying the toll on Exit 37, 
Wyoming Valley, off the 
Pennsylvania Turnpike.  
I guess it is in 
 Wilkes-Barre, PA                      (717) 654-9464

		I discovered this phone when 
		I was traveling to Toronto 
		to visit my Dad.  

		It was pouring rain, 
		so I stopped to call my 
		Dad and tell him I was 
		going to be late.  

		As I was talking to him 
		I realized that I forgot 
		the directions he had 
		given me, so I went back 
		to my car to get something 
		to write them down on again.  

		It was then I realized that 
		I locked my keys in my car.  

		I spent the next two hours 
		waiting for AAA to come both 
		placing and receiving calls 
		on that phone.  

		I never made it to Toronto 
		that weekend, but the whole 
		experience will be worthwile 
		if you put this phone, which 
		is oh so dear to me, 
		 on the list.

                                        Added by Eric Sliwinski

The Black Horse 
(Resturant, next to 
the Black Horse Inn)
Denver, PA                             (717) 336-9971
		I went into the resturant 
		for breakfast, and the 
		place where we were seated, 
		had the creepiest music, 
		and a little boy standing 
		in the hallway, 
			just looking at me, 
		  I left.
                                        Added by ed troxler

Zinn's Diner 
Denver, PA                             Downstairs:
                                       (717) 336-9909
		Very interesting, 
		right above 
		(like 1 inch above) 
		the upstairs payphones, 
		is the phone jack, 
		   so you can unplug 
		   the payphone and 
		   plug in your own 
                                        Added by ed troxler

Howe's 84 (Auto/Truck Plaza) 
(in PA, I don't know where 
though, off of I-84)                    (717) 689-9012
		These phones are 
		in the Entrance 
		(there is a whole 
		line of payphones 
		near the Men's 
		Restrooms, but I 
		  didn't have 
		   enough time)

		There was a really 
		cute girl there. 
		wowzers, was 
		  she cute.
                                        Added by ed troxler

Fern Ridge campground 
outside bathrooms
Blakeslee PA                           (717) 646-9892

This payphone is near 
a popular place to 
hangout in Redlion, PA                 (717) 244-9969

payphone inside 
Truck Stop 39 
in Drums, PA                           (717) 788-6501

Located outside a 
beautiful farmers mkt. 
in York Pa. 
Ask for Aaron                          (717) 853-8200

Outside of a Fashion Bug store, 
near Lock Haven.                       (717) 748-9736

outside a bar in 
New Philadelphia PA                    (717) 277-9003
                                        Added by steve benulis

Main lobby of 
Harley Hall at 
Shippensburg Unversity                 (717) 532-9954
		This is where lots of kids 
			hang out when 
				pizza is 
			    about to arrive. 

		Great to call during the 
			school year or the 
		second week in july 
			when there are 
			    summer camps going on
                                       Added by InSaNe-00

Payphones at the 
C.U.B. at 
Shippensburg University                (717) 532-9714
		This one's really fun to call 
			because you can 
		           interupt some really 
			        routy pool 
                                       Added by InSaNe-00

Another pay phone 
in the C.U.B. at 
Shippensburg University                (717) 532-9737
It can interupt many routy pool games
                                       Added by InSaNe-00

Outside a drugstore  
in Redlion, Pa, where 
a lot of teenagers 
hangout.                               (717) 244-9969
                                       Added by Frank

Front lobby of 
Dallastown High School 
in Dallastown, Pa                      (717) 244-9923
			This payphone 
			is a popular 
			payphone at 
			the highschool 
			because it is 
			a popular hangout 
			for people 
			waiting for their 
			friends to call 
			them by it 
			during the school 
			year, especially 
			during the 
			hours of 
			11:30am to 1:00pm.
                                       Added by John

Outside camp store 
in Hickory Run State Park              (717) 443-8949

Outside of the 
Hoyt Library in 
Kingston, PA                           (717) 287-9198
                                       Added by Summer

Located in the 
Wyoming Valley 
West Football 
Stadium in 
Kingston, PA                           (717) 287-9182
                                       Added by Summer

	Its quite interesting to call this payphone 
	during football season on Friday nights between 
	7-10pm.  Also during track season which is 
	between April 1 - May 15 between 2:30pm and 5:30 pm.

Located Outside of 
Tommy's Pizza Corner 
in Kingston, PA.                       (717) 287-9260
                                       Added by Summer

Highspire, PA  
It is in a minimall. 
Just five stores there. 
The best time to call 
and get someone is 
about llpm est. 
It is a hangout 
usually of gay men.                    (717) 939-9256

Busy AM-PM convience 
store in Lock Haven PA.                (717) 748-9958

Smith's Citgo Station. 
Open until 10pm. 
Highspire,PA                           (717) 939-9219

Outside Post Office , 
Highspire, PA                          (717) 939-9256

24 hour gas station/ 
convenience store. 
Highspire, PA                          (717) 939-9251

This pay phone is inside of 
Truck Stop 39 off of route I-80.  
My friends and I are there so 
much that we call it the office.  
Ask for Flo, Mary, Priscilla, 
Rich or Jason.                         (717) 788-6501
                                       Added by Jason B.

Busy 24 Hr. Wal-Mart Hanover PA.       (717) 632-9926
                                       Added by Jelly

It is an outside payphone on 
the campus of Mansfield University.  
It is a busy walkway beside an 
all girl dorm called Laurel.           (717) 662-9978

It is an outside payphone beside 
another payphone on the campus 
of Mansfield University.  
It is a busy walkway beside 
an all girl dorm called Laurel.        (717) 662-9964

Payphone at Wyoming Valley Mall
Wilkes Barre, PA                       (717) 829-9647

College of Medicine, 
Penn State University.  
Student Lounge.                        (717) 534-9949

College of Medicine, 
Penn State University.  
Main Lobby.  
Just make sure you address 
whoever answers as DOCTOR.             (717) 534-9955

Mr. Z's Super Market 
in Nanticoke, Pa.                      (717) 735-9844
                                       Added by Kelly Kelmer

outside the Mainesburg Country Store   (717) 549-4400
                                       Added by Assilem

Outside of Sunrise Deli/Market 
in Peach Bottom, Pa. 17563             (717) 548-8684

Marian High school Pay phone,
Tamaqua, PA                            (717) 467-9495

Across the street from Dunmore
Beauty Supply. 117 Chestnut St.
Dunmore, PA                            (717) 961-8029
                                       Added by Tom Murphy

The other payphone outside the
United Artist Theater in the
Schuylkill Mall, Frackville, PA        (717) 874-9999
                                       Added by Mike

023Phonebooth @ corner @ 
busy location in Sunbury, PA           (717) 286-9023
                                       Added by Glen

Agway in Wellsboro, Pa <O>             (717) 376-9900  
                                       Added by ** Aphrax **

Gas station in Wellsboro, Pa <I>       (717) 724-8701  
                                       Added by ** Aphrax **

Foxes Pizza in Wellsboro, Pa <O>       (717) 724-9068  
                                       Added by ** Aphrax **

Kwik-Mart in Lawrencville, Pa <O>      (717) 827-7783  
                                       Added by ** Aphrax **

Kwik-Mart in Lawrencville, Pa <O>      (717) 827-7773  
                                       Added by ** Aphrax **

Staples Office Supplies Kingston, Pa   (717) 287-9144
                                       Added by Summer

Outside of Eckerd's in Luzerne, Pa.    (717) 287 9333
                                       Added by Summer

White House Diner- Forty Fort, PA      (717) 287-9289
                                       Added by Summer

Outside of Skateboarder hangout 
Reese Park in Kingston, PA. 
On route 11.                           (717) 287-9127
                                       Added by Summer

Outside of 
Kentucky Fried Chicken in 
Kingston. PA.  On Route 11.            (717) 287-9100
                                       Added by Summer

Inside The West Side Mall 
in Edwardsville, PA.                   (717) 287-9229
                                       Added by Summer

Located in Halilton Park 
in Kingston, PA.                       (717) 287-9123
                                       Added by Summer

Outside of Sal's pizza 
in Forty-Fort, PA.                     (717) 287-9407
                                       Added by Summer

Outside Blue Mt. High School.          (717) 366-9927

this is a little convenience store.    (717) 596-2474

Main floor of the
Snyder County Courthouse
located in Middleburg,
Pennsylvania.                          (717) 837-9998

in a mall....                          (717) 632-9802

Weinberg Memorial Library
Scranton, PA, USA                      (717) 961-9189

Sporers' cafe' (it's really a bar).    (717) 253-3231

Booth at rest stop,
I-80 central PA                        (717) 759-9123

Outside United Artists
movie theater
Frackville,PA                          (717) 874-9001

Inside of Mcguffey High School, 
right outside of the gym              (724) 948-9994
		Well, for about 6 months after a 
		local call cost changed to 35 cents, 
		it was still on a quarter at this payphone.
                                      Added by Susan

In Lawrence Pa,Cecil township, 
Washington county, on George Town rd.
in front of 
Rices Auto Body Service.              (724) 941-9979
                                      Added by 007

Inside Slippery Rock 
High School, next to 
front office.                         (724) 794-9992
                                      Added by Lynnifer

In the Alcove Bar
400 South Washington Street
butler, pa.                           (724) 287-9931
                                      Added by jim

There is a payphone booth 
at the corner of 7th St. 
and Midland Ave. in Midland 
Pennsylvania. It is outside the
Sal-Mari sub shop.                    (724) 643.9977
                                      Added by Claude

Left rear corner of the 
phone bank at JoJo's 
Emlenton Truck Plaza on 
I-80 at the Emlenton, 
Pennsylvania, exit.                   (724) 867-9903
		This pay phone is one of six 
		in the phone bank at JoJo's, 
		and it is perhaps the most private, 
		but when an 18-wheeler pulls up to 
		the door nearby, and it remains 
		idling while the trucker is 
		patronizing the truck stop, 
		AND it's summer and the staff 
		leaves the door to the parking 
		lot open to vent the ever-present 
		clouds of cigarette smoke, 
		it can be difficult to hear the 
		person you're speaking with on 
			this phone.  

		However, all six phones are seldom 
		occupied at once, so you won't have 
		a hulking, angry trucker breathing 
		down your neck when you spend an 
			hour on the line.

Outside of Dairy Queen.
Grove City.                           (724) 458-9923
                                      Added by Mike

Inside A Laundromat.
Grove City.                           (724) 458-9975
                                      Added by Mike

Market Street, 
New Wilmington
(Good Chance An 
Amish Person Will Answer)             (724) 946-9994
                                      Added by Mike

Another Market Street, 
New Wilmington Location. 
(Amish May Answer 
Here As Well)                         (724) 946-9911
                                      Added by Mike

McGill Library 
At Westminster College
New Wilmington                        (724) 946-9944
                                      Added by Mike

Old Main At 
Westminster College
New Wilmington                        (724) 946-9957
                                      Added by Mike

Patterson Hall 
At Westminster College
New Wilmington                        (724) 946-9945
                                      Added by Mike

Hoyt Science Center 
At Westminster College
New Wilmington                        (724) 946-9943
                                      Added by Mike

Field House 
At Westminster College
New Wilmington                        (724) 946-9961
                                      Added by Mike

Russell Hall 
(Freshman Boy's Dorm) 
At Westminster College.
New Wilmington                        (724) 946-9941
                                      Added by Mike

Inside the Bryce Jordan Center 
at Penn State. Outside of the 
ladies room entrace by portal 3.       (814) 238-9244
		My sister, her husband and me, went to 
		The Allman Brothers Band. 

		We needed to call for a ride home 
		so we went to the payphones. 

		One phone cost 35 cents to use, 
		the other 25 cents.  

		Two identical phone with 
			different prices.  

		Of course we used the cheap one!!!
                                       Added by Carole

Pay phone in the 
North of the 
Northwestern Middle 
school in Albion,PA                    (814) 756-9960
                                       Added by Dustan Dennington

inside the moose club 
on pine street                         (814) 368-9702
                                       Added by dianne

pizza hut 
w.washington st.                       (814) 368-9089

w. washington st.                      (814) 368-9012

county fair 
w. washington st                       (814) 368-9479

county fair
w. washington st.                      (814) 368-9354

tops market
davis st.                              (814) 368-9775

old Revco drug store
davis st.                              (814) 368-9043

Lower Uni-Mart                         (814) 236-9916
                                       Added by Mike

Outside of IGA                         (814) 236-9904
                                       Added by Mike

Outside of 
South Side Subs, 
Curwensville, PA                       (814) 236-9900
                                       Added by Mike

Outside the 
SUPER Wal-Mart,
Clearfield                             (814) 765-7937
                                       Added by Mike

Wells Tannery Post Office              (814) 685-9950

PA Turnpike stop on Eastbound side.    (814) 623-7145 
                                       Added by Spidr

PA Turnpike at mile marker 147         (814) 623-7145
                                       Added by Spidr

PA Turnpike between 
Breezewood and Bedford exits           (814) 623-6125
                                       Added by Spidr

Weis Markets in Bedford, PA            (814) 623-9878
                                       Added by Cassandra Albright

3D's Restaurant in Erie PA             (814) 899-9036

Burger King in Waterford, Pa <I>       (814) 866-9941  
                                       Added by ** Aphrax **

Burger King in Waterford, Pa <I>       (814) 866-9831  
                                       Added by ** Aphrax **

Domino's Pizza in Altoona Pa           (814) 944-6000

North Star High School
Boswell, PA                            (814) 629-9414

Shade High School
Cairnbrook, PA                         (814) 754-4499

Snowshoe Truck Stop
Snowshoe, PA                           (814) 387-9973

Lobby, Park Hills Theatre
in Altoona, PA.                        (814) 943-9638

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